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 Artist Bio

Whitney Tatko is an American artist known for her colorful, hand-painted and patterned, Hawaii-inspired paintings on both surfboards and canvas.


Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Tatko has enjoyed working as a professional firefighter and paramedic for nearly a decade. In 2015, she fullfilled a life-long dream and moved to Oahu to pursue her artistic vision.  As an emerging artist, Whitney's unique work is shaped by her studies at The University of Akron (BA in Studio Art), her appreciation of surfing, and deep love for Hawaiian culture and coastlines.

The driving creative forces behind Tatko's work are oceanic movement, geometric triskel patterns, renewing, retelling and revealing natural designs with bright, cheerful colors. 

Tatko is now currently expanding her portfolio, continuing a project of painting retired or broken surfboards, mini-surfboards and wave studies. 

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